Middle School Football · Raiders fall in Championship game

0 Moore County High School
18 Highland Rim Middle School
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Moore County High School vs Highland Rim Middle School
0 18
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Thursday Night Lights

The Raider’s, after a long and successful season, got the chance for redemption against their only loss of the season. The Highland Rim Hornet, however, expected nothing less than to come out with the win. Unfortunately for the Raiders, they were not able to move the ball effectively and were held scoreless in the game losing in the championship 18-0.

To kick off the championship game, and the last game for both teams win or lose, Highland Rim received the ball. Following the kick, Highland Rim took advantage of the clock as they put together an entire first quarter drive. The Raiders had the chance to stop this drive, but on a 4th down attempt High Rim converted. This led to more countless 4-5 yard runs bringing the game to the end of the 1st.

Starting the second quarter, the Raiders forced yet another 4th down attempt, and on a trick play the Raiders stopped them retaining possession for the first time with 7:30 on the clock. However, their drive is stopped in its tracks after 30 seconds and the Raiders are forced to punt. Consequently, on the punt Highland Rim returns it for a touchdown giving them the lead 6-0 with 7 minutes left in the 2nd quarter. Looking to respond, Carter fires a pass to Cashion for 15 yards, but the Raiders are soon met with a 4th down and decide to go for it. On the attempt, Carter lofs a pass up but it is picked off and returned to the 40. Following the pick, Highland Rim was looking to go up by 2 scores, but strong defensive play by the Raiders forced them to a 4th down attempt and they turned it over on downs with 7 seconds left in the half. On an attempt to try and score before half Carter hits Cashion across the middle for 25 going into the half down 6-0.

Coming out of the half, the Raiders took control of the ball, and Carter started the drive with a 22 yard scramble. However, shortly after they are forced to a 4th down and punt it away. Following the punt, Highland Rim on 2nd down fires a pass to a wide open receiver for a 60 yard pass after finally being hawked down on the 2. After the big play, Dakota Christian gets a tackle for loss, but it is not enough as on 3rd and goal they hit a receiver for a touchdown pushing the lead to 12-0 with 1:59 left in the 3rd.

To start the final quarter, the Raiders were desperate for a score, but 2 back to back tackles for loss forced them to punt it away once again. After retaining possession, Highland Rim chewed soem clock before getting back into the endzone on a 30 yard run putting the Raiders behind by 18 with 6;30 left in the game. Although still having some time the Raiders offense continued to stall and they ended up losing the championship game 18-0. This game, although being the last and not the outcome as everyone wanted, was something that people never expected these boys to play in. They played their hearts out every game, and showed to everyone the hard work they had been putting in all summer and fall. Coach Buchanan now will look to prepare his upcoming 6th graders and 7th graders for another championship run next year.
-Dylan Scruggs